[Scribus] cross references

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Nov 10 11:20:10 CET 2004

On Wed, 2004-11-10 at 12:54, Bob Horvath wrote:
> Bob Horvath wrote:
> >How does one do things like cross references or table of contents.  I really 
> >like how easy it is to do things in scribus now that I am learning it better, 
> >but that is one thing that is non-obvious to me.  For example, if I wanted to 
> >do a newspaper and have a lead story that is continued on another page, how 
> >would I do that?

As far as I know the automatic generation of "Continued from..." / "See
page ..." text is not presently supported by Scribus.

If you want to, link the text frames - otherwise copy and paste the text
you want to spill. Next, Create a new text frame containing the
'Continued on page 56" text and place it on top of the source frame. We
do exactly that in Quark here - clumsy, but effective.

If I ever get the chance to sit down and get to grips with the
canvas/pageitem code, this will be something I will be interested in
trying to add.

> Is this something the scripter stuff handles?

Not really. There's talk of supporting ToC and index generation that at
least partly uses the scripter, but it looks like that'll require some
file format changes before it can be done properly. My understanding is
that means 1.3.x at best.

> The tutorial examples seem to have page number references hard coded.  I find it hard to 
> believe there is no automatic way of calculating a page number.

It's possible to insert the current page number automatically, but I
don't think it does automatic spills, ToC, index, etc yet.

Craig Ringer

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