[Scribus] OT: Passepartout

Sun Nov 21 14:33:02 CET 2004

hi all

do you have any experineces with Passepartout? There is new version of
this (for me unknown) software but it has a lot of gnome dependencies so
it could take a while to install it on my gentoo box... but I would like
to know what "concurency" do :)


P.S.: weekend at office really sucks. aaaagrh, hate it all here.
P.P.S.: I'm preparing new "feature". It would be nice to give it
for testing today. If I can leave this ugly place... kill all 
bourgeoisie! revolution! :) oh, back to the reality... :)))
Please see ss for preview at least:

Kuolema Kaikille (Paitsi Meille)
Today is good day to end it all 
 / | 666 ||
*  ||----||
   ~~    ~~
Satanic cow

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