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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sun Nov 21 17:00:54 CET 2004

? (At) 16h30 +0100 21/11/04, Bo?tjan ?peti? ?crivait (wrote) :
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>>Even then theres a minimum distance.
>exactly. how come? it's not so minimum - a mm or two...

Hi Bostjan,

As additionnal info, this distance is also a matter of how the font 
was designed. Each glyph is drawn in a "frame" and might not reach to 
the extreme top of it for various design reasons. Also, you might 
have checked the "align to baseline grid" option and this is related 
also to another settings in the Preferences as where does that grid 

In the end, what really matters is how precisely you can position 
your text on the page. You can move the text frame up. Scribus is 
very precise.




>regards, bostjan
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