[Scribus] symbolic links

BandiPat magicpage91
Wed Nov 24 06:14:36 CET 2004

Frank Cox wrote:

> You're misunderstanding my intentions.
> Let's say that I have this directory:
> /home/example/scribus/docs
> And I also have this directory:
> /opt/moreexample/scribus/moredocs
> Now I load this document:
> /home/example/scribus/docs/mydocument.sla
> Now I want to load a document from /opt/moreexample/scribus/moredocs. 
> To avoid having to climb the directory tree all the way up and all the
> way back down (which is a lot of clicking) I can just put a symbolic
> link into my /home/example/scribus/docs directory, like this:
> ln -s /opt/moreexample/scribus/moredocs/sample.sla
> /home/example/scribus/docs/examplelink
> Now I load sample.sla from the same directory that I loaded my first
> document from, which works fine.
> But
> Now the next time I want to load a document my "load from" directory
> has changed from /home/example/scribus/docs to
> /opt/moreexample/scribus/moredocs.  Which is not where I want to be.
> The symbolic link should be honoured as-is, and not "translated" back
> into the real directory path.  In other words, if I load a symbolic
> link in the current directory,  I should remain in the current
> directory for subsequent operations, not get magically moved to the
> linked directory.  Follow my link to load the file (or directory), but
> don't move me there completely.
> I hope this is a better explanation.

Yes, it does make things a bit more understandable, but I still believe 
you are going around the elbow to get to the hand.  Don't understand 
first of all why you are using so many directories in different areas of 
your system to store your docs.  Also, you have to be root to write to 
/opt and if you are running as root, someone should slap your hands!  ;o)

Maybe you have set your user up with super privileges, but even that is 
unsafe and shouldn't be done.  Make your directories to access for the 
user only!

In your scribus settings, setup the home docs directory as 
/home/example/Documents, that way, any time you press the home icon in 
your scribus file chooser, it takes you there.  Within your Documents 
directory, setup as many other directories you need to keep separate 
your documents.  Create a /Documents/Scribus and/or /Frank or etc., you 
get the idea.  That way, you are always in the default directory and 
only have to click once to get to the "home", then one click to get to 
any other source of documents.  Make sense?

The sym links are convenient, but I think you should save those for more 
important work.  Since you point the link to the new directory, then 
scribus remembers the last accessed directory, as it should.  For the 
way most of us work, that would be the preferred method.  That's why the 
"home" icon is shown in the file chooser, to easily give you access to 
your default documents directory.


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