[Scribus] symbolic links

BandiPat magicpage91
Fri Nov 26 04:16:36 CET 2004


Gregory Pittman wrote:
>>I have not made these kinds of complex linking for saving files, but I
>>have wished in the past that Scribus saved previous directories.  Some
>>programs now have a widget that you can click on to show you a sometimes
>>rather extensive list of previous directories you may have either opened
>>a file from or saved to.  I too get annoyed with all the clicking to go
>>up and down directory trees.

Craig Bradney wrote:
> Scribus (at least CVS, I forget if 1.2 does it too) does save the previous 
> directory for a whole range of things. Thats one reason why you have 
> a .scribus/prefs.xml file (as well as it will replace your scribusrc)
> Craig
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Along the lines that Gregory is talking about, would it be possible to 
build a history into the file chooser?  Incorporate a drop down menu 
like most of KDE has to show the last several locations you visited? 
I've not had any problems with the way it works now and using my home 
button, but I don't have such a convoluted setup such as Frank's.  I 
don't find the symlinks attractive at all, but I understand him using them.


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