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From: "Lars O. Grobe"
> He did not say that he does not listen to criticism. He just 
> defined the boundaries. In the meaning of - if I go to 
> someone's house, take a sit and get served a nice dinner, it is 
> ok to share an idea about what wine he especially likes to the 
> meal - but claiming that the house is awful and the meal cannot 
> be eaten is a bit unpolite. Decide if you like the metapher, 
> but noone refused to listen to criticism.
> CU Lars.


Isn't that the difficuly? So long as the thinking is of guests at 
the table behaving politely problems of the doorbell being out of 
reach to people of average height will not be considered [to 
extend the metaphor a little].

It is a fair position to take, but it is a 'by invitation only' 
approach. If the aim is to make a popular program then developers 
must be informed about popular needs and wants. This will not 
address technical and focussed issues of the program itself.

>From discussions it seems that there is invaluable input from new 
users, and can that not also extend to would be users?

Joseph Harris 
I think the main point to be made is that saying, "Scribus is useless" is not very helpful. It is analogous to a situation where you have been asked to edit a document. If you simply say things like, "this is awful, rewrite it" does not help the author a bit.  You have to say what is wrong with it, and better yet, suggest a way to improve it.  If I don't like something about Scribus, I will say what it is and, if possible, try to give a suggestion as to how it could be changed to better meet my needs.  Even better, if I were capable, I could even offer to help make the change. 

Fortunately, this is the approach taken by most people contributing to the list. 


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