[Scribus] CMYK or Sending to a Printer

mark mkimsal
Thu Nov 4 16:51:32 CET 2004

Dennis Noordsij wrote:

>Hi List,
>I have tried the following with and without color profiles, results are mostly 
>the same.
>- Use an RGB PNG in Scribus, export as PDF to Printer (no CMS), which 
>according to "identify -verbose mypdf.pdf" outputs a CMYK PDF. The problem 
>is, the image is really flat (same with CMS actually). I thought well it's 
>still OK, so sent that. They (printers) said they could not fix the image 
>because brightening it only throws away more of what color is left.
Did you try using the qtmonitorprofile tool from the lprof package to 
create a monitor profile?  My PDF exports with CMS were really different 
from my monitor with the plain Adobe profiles until I used the 
qtmonitorprofile tool to adjust my contrast.  It sounds like your 
initial comment was the closest match except for some contrast adjustements.

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