[Scribus] user requests...

igzebedze igzebedze
Mon Nov 15 18:45:27 CET 2004

> >my pupils got questions...
> >they'd like guide-snapping alredy while drawing objects... that's 
> >somewhat  reasonable...
> View>Snap to grid
> View>Snap to guide
> is what you're looking for.

nope, that works only while dragging objects, and not alredy while drawing 

> >and one of them wants a feature, he couldn't find in quark either: 
> >to be  able to put first character of a paragraph outside paragraph 
> >border. he  claims, it's a very common book-design... ?
> As in Quark, use a positive value for "Indent" (Edit>Paragraph 
> Style>New) and a negative value for "First line".

hm... he was picky. he wanted it for the first character and not by the 

regards, bostjan

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