[Scribus] Erratic handling of images

Plinnell scribusdocs
Tue Nov 16 16:47:07 CET 2004

On Tuesday 16 November 2004 17:14, Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:
> Craig Bradney wrote:
> >> I am loving every moment using Scribus, and have been designing all my
> >> office stationary using it. But IMHO, lack of an undo is a real show
> >> stopper in an editing and a DTP app.
> >
> > Well.. depends on how you work. I find I can get by producing my magazine
> > (28+pages) without coming across too much hassle.
> Let me rephrase myself. The lack of undo is a show stopper for a rank
> newbie like myself, who desperately needs the rope offered by undo to hang
> on. :) Pros, like yourself could definitely do without it.
> > It IS under development, as of about 1 hr ago btw.. "it" being the best
> > undo/redo system since sliced bread.
> Well, it seems to me the best typesetting system since sliced bread, but
> ofcourse, this is my first introduction to typesetting.
> And regardless, it seems quite full featured for me. Just wanted some
> advice, is it the official stance now to concentrate on 1.3 only? Should I
> be using that now instead?
> Thanks,
>   Sandip

1.3.0 is not publically available at the moment for several reasons, including 
issues with file loading, stability (its not bad) and the wish by the devel 
team to have some opportunity to do some refactoring of code. 

Using  1.3.x would not really benefit end users at the moment, as major 
surgery is going on under the hood, so to speak. When we speak of 1.3.x, it 
means the next version... release date unknown at the moment. There will be 
several releases of 1.3.x each adding features and bug fixes...

That said 1.2.x will see contiune to see attention, bug fixes and backports 
where possible ( the OO draw importer was backported from 1.3.0). Moreover, 
except for a couple of minor things, there is no missing functionality 

Hope that helps to clarify things...


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