[Scribus] text box fill,...

Wed Nov 24 13:51:42 CET 2004

> if i set bacground color for text frame, and want it to 
> be semi-transparent, it is placed over text, thus rendering 
> text unreadable. 

it's on todo list

> and if i use white text, i cant edit it in the story editor 
> enymore, because it's not visible.

set another background color in story editor. it will fix the 
inisibility ;)

> and it might be a good idea to lock proportions of objects by default.
> it'd be useful to implement auto-adding of pages until all text is layed.

fill RFE at bugs.scribus.net, please.

> ps: how hard is it to implement some of these features? i understand 
> developers are very busy with more important stuff, so i might try to 
> provide some of them...

it isn't hard. errr, to be exact - it takes a lot of time to get deeper
orientation in the code. but if you reach it all is quite clear ;)


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