[Scribus] Paragraph styles by python script

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Nov 26 15:09:30 CET 2004

Wolfgang Pagel wrote:

> Hi,
> is it possible to apply paragraph styles to text paragraphs by means 
> of a python script?
> I can't find such a possibility in my Scribus 1.2.1cvs on Debian. 

It's not yet possible to create new styles from Python. I have a patch 
sitting around that makes it possible, but it's a bit buggy and will 
require quite a bit of work to bring up to date with current Scribus.

What _is_ possible is to load styles from another file or use existing 
styles defined in the document, and apply them to text frames.

The commands you want for that are SetStyle() and LoadStylesFromFile() 
(actually, not 100% sure on the last one).

Craig Ringer

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